Growing together in decisions

  • We all make decisions.

    They can be easy or hard.

  • It can help to talk about decisions with others.

    This can be in a peer mentor group.

  • A peer mentor group is where people get together to

    • share their stories
    • support each other
  • Everyone is a learner and a teacher in a peer mentor group.

  • CID ran peer mentor groups in 2022.

    The groups met online every week for 8 weeks.

  • The groups talked about a different topic each week like

    • Daily decisions
    • Getting a job
    • Moving out
  • CID Project Workers Ricky and Raylene led the groups.

  • Some of the peers in the groups told us what being in a peer mentor group was like.

  • We hope their answers will inspire you to join the peer mentoring group we have now.


  • Grant was a peer in our groups.

  • Grant was excited to see Raylene.

    He knew Raylene from another CID training.

  • Grant feels more confident about getting to places.

    He found the topic about travel helpful.


  • Jack had done peer mentoring before.

  • Jack said he had fun and learned new skills.

    He wanted to try it again.

  • Jack said he liked sharing his opinion.

    ‘I also liked helping my friends learn’ he said.

  • Jack wants to keep helping his friends.

    ‘I would like to be a peer mentor myself’ he said.


  • James wanted to help others know about their rights.

  • James also wants to give people information when they make a decision.

    He wants people to be able to make their own decisions.


  • ‘I wanted to meet people’ Jess said.

  • Jess said it gave her a chance to practise speaking up.

  • Jess said she liked it so much she would go back again.


  • Tara wanted to learn mentoring skills.

    She wants to be a mentor for children with Down Syndrome.

  • ‘I liked listening to others in the group more than talking’ Tara said.

  • Tara said she advocates for herself more now.

    To advocate is to speak up for yourself.

  • Tara said she liked the group and would go back again.

    She said everyone should have the chance to try new things.

    It is about having a go and showing up.


  • Raylene said she built skills in running groups.

    She learned to slow down and include everyone.

  • Raylene said it is not about her.

    It is all about the participants.

    ‘It’s their life’.

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