Mainstream and Me celebrates a lasting impact

25 June 2018

Our Mainstream and Me project workers recently got together to look back at how much they have achieved since the project began. It was a chance to reflect on the project’s impact and to celebrate our successes with cake!

Our Mainstream and Me project workers have been using their knowledge and skills to train others about inclusive workplaces and inclusive practices.

Our busy team has reached more than 100 businesses and employers, and has trained more than 50 service employees and 50 people with disability.

We went to lots of places around New South Wales, including Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter region, the Mid North Coast and the South West.

Everywhere we went we received very positive feedback.

What has been the impact of Mainstream and Me?

We asked our project workers about the impact they think they made in the Mainstream and Me project. Here is what they said:

“We are finally being heard and are spreading the word.”
– Ella

“My service provider has thought about inclusion and networking and is now more aware of the challenges of inclusion.”
– Jack

“People with disability were inspired to tell their stories. To see people light up and open up was wonderfully inspiring.”
– Alex

“I feel like I made a positive influence in other people when I shared my Story” and “I have grown and developed over the last six months.”
– Steph

“I feel we made a positive impact.”
– Ben

“It went well because of the support and a fair space for me to show my strengths.”
– Shailaja

Learning while doing

Our project workers also said that being part of the Mainstream and Me project had given them a chance to learn and grow. Some of the highlights for the project workers were:

  • Playing a meaningful part in increasing awareness in the community about inclusion for people with an intellectual disability.
  • Training the services and businesses on inclusive customer service.
  • Co-designing the training resources.
  • Working as part of a team.
  • Meeting new people and networking with peers.
  • Having an opportunity to practice and improve public speaking skills.
  • Having an opportunity to become more confident with independent travelling.


Thanks to the valuable contribution of the Mainstream and Me project workers, communities around New South Wales are becoming more inclusive for people with disability.

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Mainstream and Me received funding from the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC)- ILC National Readiness Grants.

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