Grantees for My Rights Matter

  • CID gave grants to 7 more projects.

    A grant is money to do a project.

  • Leigh Creighton will make videos about

    • Making plans
    • Using CIDs Conversation Cards
    • Circles of support.
  • Sid Chandran will make videos about making decisions as a person who does not speak.

  • Me Plus More will make social media posts about the right to make your own decisions.

  • Participate Australia will make videos about

    • Relationships
    • Sexuality
    • Gender identity
  • Sexuality is about the kind of people you would like to have romantic relationships with.

  • Gender identity is the way you feel about your gender.

  • Side by Side Advocacy will make resources to give people with intellectual disability skills in making decisions about home.

  • Printable will make a video about workers with intellectual disability.

  • Dundaloo will make videos about people in Taree making their own decisions.

  • We will share stories from the projects

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