Grants for supported decision making

  • My Rights Matter grants

    The Council for Intellectual Disability’s My Rights Matter project offered funding and support for people with intellectual disability and organisations to run small projects about supported decision making.

    Supported decision making means to help someone make more of their own decisions. You can learn more about supported decision making on the My Rights Matter Hub.

    The objectives of the grant program were:

    • for people with intellectual disability and organisations to develop their supported decision making knowledge and skills
    • to build supported decision making capability within the community – positively impacting community attitudes and practices
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  • Who we supported

    The grants were offered for projects that delivered activities, events and/or resources. The successful projects explored supported decision making principles and put learnings from My Rights Matter into practice.

    The grants were offered in two rounds, with first round projects running from July to December 2023, and second round projects running from November 2023 to May 2023. People with intellectual disability were eligible to receive up to $5,000 and organisations were eligible to receive up to $10,000.

    Through the grant program, 4 people with intellectual disability and 7 organisations were funded to do projects. You can read about their work in the Grant updates section below.

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  • Offer your own inclusive grants

    You can lead supported decision making change too. Offer your own grants for inclusive change.

    When the My Rights Matter project ends in June 2024, we will share templates of our grant documents to empower other organisations to offer grants for people with intellectual disability to lead more inclusive changes 

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