Peer mentors learn to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

14 May 2019

These are the first graduates of our Peer Mentoring Program.

Peer Mentoring is all about helping another person grow, learn new skills and be who they want to be. It is about a ‘mentor’ and a ‘mentee’ supporting each other and growing together.

Our 6 peer mentors called this ‘being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’.

In peer mentoring, no one is more important than anyone else.

“We are all equals and being equals with one another and interacting in this room was powerful,” Michael Sullivan said.

Through the program the group learnt new skills, had important conversations, and shared their gifts with one another.

Topics included

  • strengths and ‘blind spots’
  • setting boundaries and goals
  • listening
  • asking great questions
  • showing empathy
  • giving feedback.

Shannon said he learnt how to show empathy and he’ll be using his new skills in his work ‘standing up for Wollongong’.

Trainees also reflected on the important people in their lives and how mentors can help you get through difficult times.

Fiona McKenzie said “Robert Strike has been my biggest mentor. He gave great advice and listened. He helped me make the right decision on a tricky situation. Robert is the godfather of CID!”

At the end of the workshops participants said they were excited to be mentors and to help another person achieve their goals.

Fiona said “set goals, even if they go off track, keep going!”

Mentors are now being matched with mentees, who are people they will work with to share advice and support.

Fiona is mentoring fellow CID board member, Jack Stewart. They are working together to help Jack save for a car and learn more about being on the CID board.

We are very proud of all our mentors and mentees.

There is no doubt they will all be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

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See our peer support resources to find out more about peer support.

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