Stay home stay busy during Coronavirus

28 April 2020

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Ella says

Hi my name is Ella and what I like to do when I’m busy is cooking, playing the guitar, and arts and crafts.

Alex says

Some of the things I’m doing to stay busy during isolation during the Corona crisis include catching up on my reading and my writing.

I write plays and novels on various subjects, which I really enjoy doing because it helps me escape from the real world and I can be in control of the characters.

Ben says

When I’ve got time I like to play card games and board games with family.

Jack says

Some of the things I like [to do] to keep busy is Facetiming family, friends and other people, using a variety of apps that support videos. It really helps with keeping your mind active.

My job is keeping me busy at the moment because I’m working from home so that’s a totally new environment.

See all our videos, news and information about Coronavirus

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