Sydney Advocacy Group refuses to take no for an answer

29 August 2017

The Sydney Advocacy Group made CID social media history this month, launching a viral advocacy campaign video that was viewed by more than 40,000 people. It was by far the biggest audience Council for Intellectual Disability has ever reached with a Facebook post.

UPDATE: Thanks to all the hard work of our advocates, the Royal Commission was announced on 4 April 2019. See our updates about the Royal Commission.

The group’s heartfelt call for the Prime Minister to support a Royal Commission into the abuse of people with disability was obviously a call that people felt should be heard far and wide, with the film shared more than 750 times.

And yet, when the group phoned the Prime Minister’s office for the third time yesterday they were again told Malcolm Turnbull would not meet with them to discuss the issue.

If you, like us, feel this is not good enough, phone the Prime Minister on 02 6277 7700 to ask him to meet with the Sydney Advocacy Group, and support their calls for a Royal Commission.

Group member Carmelo Raspanti said it was disappointing that the Prime Minister had repeatedly declined the group’s request for a meeting, but they would not take no for answer.

“It’s not surprising whatsoever, but it’s pretty disappointing,” Carmelo said.

“Most people decline to interact with people with disability, they don’t know how to interact with disability. I don’t want to be cruel, but it’s true.

“As a person with disability I’ve been knocked back so many times… but you just have to keep going and try something else, or speak to somebody else. Maybe if he can’t speak to us he could pass our letter on to someone else?”

Sydney Advocacy Group is just one of many advocacy groups CID is supporting throughout NSW. If you are interested in starting an advocacy group in your area, and would like training or advice, email

See other ways to get involved with Council for Intellectual Disability.

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