Sydney Metro – don’t leave us behind

19 November 2019

We are CID’s advocacy group. We tested the Sydney Metro train and found serious safety and access issues.

We went on a research journey on the new Metro on 29 July 2019.

We found that the Metro has positive aspects, but we think there are big problems with safety.

We put our research into a report, which we sent to the Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance.

Our report has 17 recommendations about how to improve the Metro. Read our report and find out more about our Don’t Leave Us Behind campaign page.

Our 3 key issues are:

  1. The staff help make the Metro safe. We want to be sure that there is staff on every train and at every station
  2. The doors are unsafe, They close too quickly
  3. The train takes off and stops too quickly

We met with Sydney Metro staff on 13 November. They are now writing to the Minister about what they will do to address our 3 main issues.

CID will meet with Minister Constance soon. To find out what the Minister says to us, make sure you are subscribed to our email updates.

Transport is very important to us. It is our ticket to accessing the community. We want to be part of the community and help Transport for NSW and the Minister make transport accessible, safe and easy for everyone.

Safe, inclusive and accessible transport is a basic human right!

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