The fourth COVID vaccination

July 2022
  • More people can now get a fourth dose of the COVID vaccine.

    The fourth dose is also called the winter dose.

  • A nurse giving an injection to a patient

    The fourth dose can give you more protection against COVID

    It also means if you get COVID you might not get as sick.

  • Who can get the fourth dose?

    It is recommended that everyone over 50 has a fourth dose.

    If you are 30 to 49 you can get it if you want to.

     You have to wait 3 months after you had your third COVID vaccine.

    If you have had COVID you have to wait 3 months to get the vaccine.

  • The fourth dose is free.

  • Which vaccine should I get for my fourth dose?

    Most people will get Pfizer or Moderna.

    It does not matter if you had a different COVID vaccine before.

  • Where can I get it?

     There are lots of places to get your fourth dose.

    • Talk to your chemist or doctor to find a place near you.
    • Book a booster dose or fourth dose, on COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Finder
    • SMS ‘Hey EVA’to 0481 611 382.

    Someone from the National Coronavirus Helpline will call you to help book your COVID vaccination.

    Call the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 789.

  • More information

     For more information about COVID-19 vaccines

    • Call Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787
    • Call the COVID-19 Helpline on 1800 020 080
    • Go to the Department of Health website

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