Visibility Podcast

A space for people with intellectual disability to share their stories

We are very excited to launch our new podcast Visibility’. 

Visibility is a space for people with intellectual disability to share their stories, have a voice and be heard. We want to build a more understanding and inclusive society in Australia and the world.

We will talk every month to a person with intellectual disability. Together we will explore some of the important issues like relationships, health, the NDIS and more. In these discussions we will look at the challenges facing people with intellectual disability as well as sharing the successes, joys, interests, journeys and life insights of the people we talk to. We hope to reveal not only the things that make us all unique, but also the things that we all share and that unite us.

With a few episodes already available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts and a lot more coming up, we hope you will enjoy them all. If you like what you hear, please rate and review the podcast in iTunes under the ‘Ratings & Reviews’ section or share with friends.

Podcast episodes

  • Ella Visibility Podcast Guest big

    RELATIONSHIP SERIES  – Dating apps, chats and mishaps 

    “…you just gotta pick what you want in your date. If you’re into hiking, horse riding, bushwalking, anything. But like I said, get to know the person more before you go on a date.” Ella

  • RELATIONSHIP SERIES  – Being a parent, a child, a family

    “I was looking forward to being a Mum. Because I was pretty confident I’d be a good Mum. Judith 

  • Headshot of Jono for the Visibility podcast

    RELATIONSHIP SERIES  – Opening the door on sexual relationships

    “I have had support workers try to stop me from doing both sexual and non-sexual activities simply because those activities were against their personal beliefs. ” Jonathan

  • Jack presenting about the my health matters folder

    RELATIONSHIP SERIES  – Shopping, showers and sharing time

    “…I just ask them icebreaking questions and what I’ve found before is you need to be less awkward, I like to pump some music into my shower so I will say ‘All right, I can do my time, bring my phone with my little speaker and we’ll just play some music’…” Jack

  • Image of Cameron

    RELATIONSHIP SERIES  – Out, proud and included

    I just thought it’s about time that I stood up for myself and I just do it for myself and brought it out into the community. Saying “Hey look yes there are people with disabilities in the community and yes we do have a sexual choice and a preference”  Cameron

  • The Anchor meditation exercise

    A special podcast episode to support you during COVID

    Our anchor exercise can help you feel calm.

    You can use it if you feel scared, stressed or worried.

  • RELATIONSHIP SERIES  – Me and my friends

    Friendships are so rewarding but aren’t always easy. In this episode Sarah and Justen talk about their experiences with making and maintaining friendships.

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