Watch all the action from Articulate Festival

28 June 2018

Team Up grantees, Creatives Collective from Coonabarabran, held their own arts and culture festival in the town recently.

Articulate Festival was a celebration of inclusion, and saw diverse artists, dancers, musicians and more entertain the crowds.

It was the first of its kind in the area and received a very positive response from the community.

Festival organiser, Allison Reynolds said after the event that people with disability are often underestimated.

“We have fantastic skills for success, we are innovative, we are resilient, we see things from angles others don’t. Sure we fail at things, but so does everyone else. We succeed at things too, like we did with the festival.”

Creatives Collective is a group of artists that identify as having a disability. They come together to make art but also to make their local community more aware of disability issues.

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View some photos from the Articulate Festival

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