What do human rights mean to you?

21 March 2019

In February I ran a workshop at VALID’s Having a Say Conference with Rachel Spencer, CID’s Senior Manager, Inclusion Projects.

The workshop was all about human rights. It was really interesting hearing what other people with disability thought about human rights.

Below are some of the things we talked about. I hope you find them interesting, especially if you ever wondered “what are human rights?” or “what rights do I have as a person with disability?”

What are human rights?

Human rights are about freedom, respect, getting a fair go.

Human rights are what we need to have a good life.

Human rights are rights we all have, because we are all human.

There are laws that protect and promote the rights of people with disability.

Human rights laws say people with disability have the same rights as everyone else. They say that people with disability have the right to speak up and have their say.

Examples of human rights

I asked people at the workshop in February “What are some of the rights you have?”

Here is what some people said:

  • Being able to have the freedom to have a say
  • The freedom to make choices
  • Right to family and relationships
  • Good health and healthcare
  • Good support
  • Information I can understand

Tell the world about your human rights

This year Australia will be reporting to the United Nations about the rights of people with disability in Australia. Find out more.

Australia has signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD). This is an international law that protects and promotes the rights of people with disability.

Thanks to the CPRD, we have a chance to tell the world how well disability rights are protected and promoted in Australia.

We are helping record people’s ideas. If you would like to have a say about your rights, find out more at our Easy Read blog.

And if you have any more questions, phone us on 1800 424 065 or email us at info@cid.org.au.

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