eNews February 2024 in Easy Read

  • Our new episode of the Visibility podcast is about Byron.

  • Byron has known that he is gay for most of his life.

  • In the last year he started telling people that he is gay.

  • Byron talks about his life in the podcast.

  • Listen to the podcast on our website.

Just Include Me

  • CID has made a new online class for health workers.

    It is called Just Include Me.

  • It is about supporting people with intellectual disability with their health.

  • You can share the online class with your health workers.

Supported decision making workshops for support systems

  • We have a new supported decision making workshop.

  • The workshop is for you and your

    • Family member or friend
    • Paid support worker.
  • In the workshop we will work through making a real life decision together.

  • At the end of the workshop everyone will know how to support you with your decisions.

  • If you and your support people would like us to do this workshop for you

Happy Mardi Gras

  • Mardi Gras happens in Sydney every year.

    It is a time to celebrate LGBTIQA+ people.

  • LGBTIQA+ is short for

    • Lesbian means women who have sexual feelings for other women.
    • Gay means men who have sexual feelings for other men.
    • Bisexual means people who have sexual feelings for both men and women.
    • Transgender means people who feel different from the gender they were born in.
    • Intersex means people who have bodies that are not what we expect for males or females.
    • Queer means people who are not straight or who feel different from the gender they were born in.
    • Asexual means people who do not have sexual feelings for anyone.
  • + means any other way people might feel about their gender or sexuality.

  • The Mardi Gras Parade is on Saturday 2 March.

  • Some CID members will be marching with People with Disability Australia.

  • You can watch the parade live on ABC TV starting at 7.30pm.

  • There will be a live screening at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park in Newtown starting at 5pm.

  • You can listen to some of our podcasts while celebrating Mardi Gras.

  • In The Road to Byron we talk to Byron.

    Byron is a gay man.

  • In Sparkles, Strength and Speaking up we talk to Leigh.

    Leigh is a straight drag queen.

  • In Out, Proud and Included we talk to Cameron.

    Cameron is a gay man.


  • These events are coming up in March.

  • Advocacy Group – Online or in person
    Who it is for: Members of the CID Advocacy Group
    When: Thursday 14 March
    Where: Online or in person
    Cost: Free

  • Supported Decision Making Workshop for people with intellectual disability – Online
    Who it is for: People with intellectual disability
    When: Thursday 14 March and 21 March, 10am to 12pm, and Thursday 28 March, 10am to 11.30am
    Where: Online
    Cost: Free
    Registration coming soon – sign up for updates

  • Learn 2 Lead – Online or in person
    Who it is for: Members of CID
    When: Thursday 21 March
    Where: Online or in person
    Cost: Free

  • More than Just a Job for Me – Sydney
    Who it is for: People with intellectual disability
    When: Wednesday 27 March and Wednesday 3 April, 10am to 3pm
    Where: Sydney (venue TBC)
    Cost: Free

Down Syndrome Australia NDIS workshop

  • Down Syndrome Australia is having a workshop for people with Down Syndrome.

  • The workshop is about the NDIS.

  • They will talk about

    • What is the NDIS
    • Goals and NDIS plans
    • How people use their NDIS plans
  • Register for the workshop at the link.

People with Disability Australia Leading Change webinar

  • People with Disability Australia are having a webinar.

  • The webinar is called Leading Change.

  • It is for women with disability who want to learn more about being a leader.

  • The webinar is on Friday 8 March from 10.30am to 12pm.

PrideAbility Mardi Gras events

  • PrideAbility is a group for people with intellectual disability who are LGBTIQA+.

  • PrideAbility used to be called Rainbow Bridge Social Club.

  • PrideAbility has some events happening in the next couple of months.

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