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eNews May 2023 in Easy Read

Supported Decision Making Conversation Cards

  • Do you want to talk about making more of your own decisions?

  • The Supported Decision Making Conversation Cards can help you talk about what you want to do in your life

  • Use these cards to talk with your supporters about decisions.

  • The cards will help you make decisions and have fun doing it.

Supported decision making grants

  • CID’s My Rights Matter team has a grant program.

    The grants are for projects to get more people interested in supported decision making.

  • A grant is money to do a project.

  • Supported decision making is when someone helps you make more of your own decisions.

  • We wrote an article in Easy Read about the grants.

  • You need to send your grant application by Wednesday, 31 May at 11.59pm.

    You can get the application form at the link.

  • For more information contact CID’s My Rights Matter team

Sparkles, strength and speaking up

  • Our latest podcast is about Leigh.

  • Leigh does a lot of things like

    • speaking up for people with disability
    • working to help the environment
    • lifting weights
    • doing drag as a straight drag queen
  • Listen to our podcast about Leigh at the link below.

Good news on health in the federal budget

  • The Treasurer Jim Chalmers released the 2023- 2024 federal budget on 9 May.

  • He announced some things in the budget that will make it easier to go to the GP for free.

  • You can read more about these changes on our website.

    This article is not in Easy Read so you might want to read it with a supporter.

Supported decision making workshops

  • We are having supported decision making workshops in May and June.

  • These workshops will help people learn more about supported decision making.

  • Workshops are for

    • people with intellectual disability
    • friends, family and peers
    • professional organisations
  • Follow the link to learn more and register for upcoming workshops.

Supported decision making peer mentor group

  • Do you want to talk about decisions with peers with disability?

    Peers are people who have some of the same experiences as you.

  • Join the supported decision making peer mentor group.

  • We meet online.

  • We meet once a month.

    Our next group is on Wednesday 7 June from 10am to 11am.

  • We will talk about decisions around getting a job.

  • We will do a fun activity using conversation cards to talk about decisions.

  • Sign up for the supported decision making peer mentor group at the link.

Learn 2 Lead

  • Learn 2 Lead is a great group to make friends and grow with each other.

  • Learn 2 Lead meets once a month to

    • share ideas
    • learn about leadership
    • learn about working together
  • You do not need to be in Sydney to join.

    You can come to meetings online and in person.

  • You need to be a CID member to join.

    You can become a member at the link.

    It is free to be a member if you are a person with intellectual disability.

  • If you want to know more contact CID

A new book written by a CID member

  • Sidharth Chandran is one of our members.

    He wrote a book called An Unspoken Story.

  • You can learn more about the book at the link.

Contribute stories to Our Site

  • Women With Disabilities Australia is looking for people to contribute to Our Site.

  • This is a site with real stories. They are written by people with disability who are

    • women
    • girls
    • feminine-identifying people
    • non-binary people
  • They pay $100 for posts.

  • Find out more at their website. They have Easy Read information available.

Cumberland cost of living study

  • Western Sydney University researchers are looking for people to interview who live in the Cumberland area.

    They want to find out how it is to live on a low income.

  • Participants will get a $50 gift voucher.

  • If you want to participate

Preventative health care study

  • The University of New South Wales is doing research to improve preventive health care for people with intellectual disability.

  • Preventive health care is things that support people to stay healthy and get better quickly when they are sick or hurt.

  • Participants will get a $50 gift card.

  • Download the study flyer at the link to learn more.

  • To sign up or get more information contact Jess Wardon

Inner West Council Inclusion Festival

  • Inner West Council is having an Inclusion Festival in December.

  • They are looking for performers who

    • have a disability
    • live in the Inner West Council area
  • You can sign up at the link. Expressions of interest are open until 30 September.

Got a question?

  • Our friendly team can answer your questions.

    They can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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