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eNews March 2020 – easy to read

Staying safe from Coronavirus

  • Coronavirus is making some people sick.

    Coronavirus is also called COVID-19.

    We have made an Easy Read guide about

    • What is Coronavirus
    • How Coronavirus is spread
    • What to do if you feel sick
    • Support and information

    You can learn how to keep yourself and others safe.

    Get our Easy Read guide

Look after your mental health

We are working from home

  • Because of the Coronavirus, CID staff are working from their homes.

    We will still be giving you lots of good information.

    You will not be able to visit the office, but you can phone and email us.

Royal Commission hears from us

  • The Disability Royal Commission held a meeting in Sydney.

    It was about health care for people with intellectual disability.

    Kylie Scott said doctors should ask short questions in plain English.

    Tara Elliffe said doctors should use simple words and pictures and easy read.

    Robert Strike said “Treat me as a person first and foremost.”

    Easy Read info about the hearing

A message to all women

  • Shu Hua Chan

    Some people think that people with disability aren’t capable of doing certain things.

    They say “People who have disability shouldn’t be thinking about marriage.”

    That is wrong, we are all equal.

    We are strong enough, we can make it, we can still do it.

    Read what Shu says

Why work is important

  • I like to work for lots of reasons.

    I like to have money to spend on the things that I want, like going out for dinner.

    I ran a workshop at the VALiD conference in March.

    I asked people at the workshop to say why work is important to them.

    Most people said having money means they can be more independent.

    Read Leonie’s Easy Read blog

The NDIS and Coronavirus

  • The NDIS has made Easy Read information about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    The NDIS is making changes to the way they work.

    They are reducing face-to-face meetings to help reduce the spread of the virus.

    They are also making people’s NDIS budgets more flexible.

    Read about the changes and how to contact the NDIS

A place for women with disability

  • Our Place is a website for women and girls with disability.

    You can find out about

    • Your Rights
    • How to Lead and Take Part
    • Life Choices
    • Sex and Your Body
    • Safety and Violence

    They have information in Easy Read.

    Go to our Place

Sunny app for women with disability

  • Sunny is an app for your phone.

    It helps women with disability learn about

    • violence
    • rights
    • how to get support

    Sunny is designed by and for women with disability.

    Sunny is accessible so it can be used by everyone.

    More info about Sunny

Got a question?

  • Courtney asnwering the phone

    Our friendly info service team can answer your questions.

    They can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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