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eNews August 2019 – easy read

Talking about justice

  • Justen and Alison went to a conference.

    It was about how to support people who have been in prison.

    Justen talked about his experience.

    He said “There were a lot of people with lived experience speaking. They were brave.”

    Read what Justen and Alison say

Telling your story to the Royal Commission

  • The Royal Commission wants to hear your story.

    The Commission does not have services to support you properly yet.

    You should wait before telling your story to the Commission.

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Whose life is this anyway?

  • Some people with disability have a guardian.

    Guardians are allowed to make decisions when a person cannot make decisions for themselves.

    Sometimes people do not have a say about who their guardian is.

    They have a right to have a say.

    They should get support to have a say.

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Meeting about improving health

  • We are working with the government to make health services better.

    We had a meeting with the government.

    Shu our Chairperson said “This is an important human rights issue.We have the right to good health just like everyone else.”

    Read about the meeting

Health information

  • Can you find health information that you understand?

    Janelle wants to ask people with intellectual disability what they think about health information.

    You will get a $50 voucher for your time.

    Call Janelle on (02) 9931 9160 or email her on

Royal Commission accessibility

  • The Disability Royal Commission has a Draft Accessibility Strategy.

    The Strategy is a plan to make sure people can be part of the Royal Commission if they want to.

    You can tell them what you think about the strategy.

    You need to tell them before Friday September 13.

    Find out more

Support for students

  • What support do students with disability get?

    Children and Young People with Disability Australia want to know.

    They want to hear from young people with disability and their families.

    You can do an online survey

Got a question?

  • Courtney asnwering the phone

    Our friendly info service team can answer your questions.

    They can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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