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eNews February 2021 – easy to read

Justice Matters

  • We all make mistakes. Geoffrey Thomas first got into trouble as a young teenager.

    The Justice Advocacy Service and Cognitive Impairment Diversion Programme helped Geoffrey.

    We need funding for these programmes.

    You can help!

  • Please watch and share Geoffrey’s video and sign the petition.

Our brand new podcast Visibility is here 

  • Visibility Podcast of CID

    Visibility is a podcast for people to share their stories.

    Every month we will speak with a person with intellectual disability.

    In our first series people with disability talk about relationships.

Our Mental Health resources

  • Mental health is about how you feel.

    Feelings can change how you think and what you do.

    When you feel good you can do everyday things.

    When you do not feel good it gets hard to cope.

    Looking after your mental health is important

  • CID has resources about mental health.

    Like easy read fact sheets.

    And a video about how to relax.

    There are also reports from our advocacy work.

    We work to make mental health better for people with intellectual disability

  • CID resources are for everyone.

    These free resources are on our website.

    To see them go to

  • There are other resources too.

    3DN has made easy read sheets about mental health

    The sheets tell you how to get help if you need it.

    To see them go to

Our first Easy Read training open to everyone

  • We are running easy read training.

    It is about how to write things in easy read.

    It is not about reading easy read.

  • The training is done on zoom.

    It goes for 2 hours.

    We will run easy read training every 2 months.

    Anyone can join.

    But doing the training costs money.

    To find out more go to


The Disability Royal Commission wants to know about people’s experiences of violence and abuse at home.

  • The Disability Royal Commission is on now.

    It is looking at how people with disability have been treated.

    And when they have been treated badly

  • The Commission is looking at violence and abuse.

    Things like

    • being hit or kicked.
    • being threatened.
    • being forced to do things you don’t want to.
  • They want to know about times when these things have happened at home.

    They want to know why it happens.

    They want to know how it can be stopped.

    If you want to tell them your story, you can.

Free dance workshops

  • DirtyFeet is offering a one day creative dance workshop for people with and without disability.

    Date: Date 10am Saturday 20 March.

    Open to all levels of ability:

    Suitable for low to moderate support needs

    Accessible venue

    Wheelchair accessible

    You can go to City of Sydney website to find out more about this workshop. To register go to DirtyFeet.

Got a question?

  • Courtney asnwering the phone

    Our friendly team can answer your questions.

    They can help you find the information you need.

    Call us on 1800 424 065.

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