Angus – working towards goals

31 August 2022

Angus tells us about how he makes his own decisions.

Angus is going to TAFE to get more skills.

Watch the video to see more about Angus’s life.



Angus: I like to go to TAFE because I want to practice reading and writing and get more skills.

[Title card: Angus’ Story]

Angus: My name is Angus, I live in Broken Hill. I like Broken Hill because it’s the best town and I always meet people.

[At the police station]

Police Officer: How are you Angus, how are you going?

Angus: Good thank you. Have you had a good time at work?

Police Officer: Yeah it’s going well so far, how’s your day going, mate?

Angus: Good thank you.

[At a barbecue]

Angus: Thank you!

[At the optometrist, chatting indistinctly]

[In a TAFE classroom]

Angus: I live at home with Mum, Dad, two brothers [who are] cheeky, and Wally.

[At the library]

Angus (voiceover): I like to do the library because I always get Wally and Josh and Stormy a couple of CDs and DVDs.

Angus, looking at a DVD: Ooh, that looks like a good one!

[Angus at TAFE]

Angus I went to school at Willyama. One thing I don’t like at school, it was maths, I hate maths.

[At Ability Links with Natasha – Ability Linker, Broken Hill]

Angus: Natasha helped me because she wants me to do the first aid course, and she helped me to do TAFE as well.

Natasha: That is your first aid certificate. You passed. Got 100 percent.

Angus: Mum thought it was a bit hard for me, but I proved Mum wrong.

Natasha: Did you?

Angus: Yes, I hopefully will get past TAFE.

Natasha: Of course you will.

Angus: I’ll prove it.

Natasha: Absolutely.

Angus: I reckon I will.

Natasha: I reckon you will too.

Angus: Yeah.

[Angus at TAFE]

Angus: I like TAFE because I like to practice reading and writing skills.

[Chatting indistinctly with teacher]

[Working on the computer]

Angus: I always put sentences on the computer, makes it easier for me to do it on the computer.

[At Ability Links]

Natasha: The thing is too, if you’ve got more skills, and reading and writing, you can learn other things.

Angus: I already know how to do cooking because I’ve done a cooking course at TAFE.

Natasha: Did you?

Angus: Yep.

Natasha: I didn’t know that, you should be bringing me food.


Natasha: I didn’t know that! That’s something I didn’t know.


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