Relationships and decision making

09 February 2023

In this video, Sammy, who has intellectual disability, talks about the relationship she has with her partner Ben.

She talks about how they make decisions together and the role of her parents in supporting her.

For more resources and information on Supported Decision Making, visit the My Rights Matter Hub.


I’ve been with my partner for six years and his name is Ben. I met Ben on Facebook. He’s nice, he’s caring, and he always supports me.

Ben and I do cooking together, we go downtown all the time, we play games together, we go swimming, like in the pool.

My parents was happy to meet Ben. My family and Ben helped me to work in a team, and give me good advice. I feel lucky to have a good family, a good Ben. I feel really well supported.

When people tell me what to do, I do not like it. It is good to make your own decision, to give you confidence, to give you independent, to speak up and have your say.

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