Making my own decisions

July 2023

This video shows how people with intellectual disability should be supported when making decisions.

It is about CID’s Easy Read Supported Decision Making Framework.

Supported decision making is when someone helps you make more of your own decisions.

This video is created with people with intellectual disability.


Everyone has the right to make decisions.

You can make decisions on your own or you can get support to make decisions.

Support can come from people like friends family or support workers.

Support can also come from things like having easy read information or just having time and space to think.

Supported decision making is about putting you at the centre of your decisions.

There are things I want people to know when I am making decisions.

I can change my mind.

We can all change our minds at any time. I may say I want to go to the movies but then decide I want to stay home and watch TV instead.

I can try.

I do things on my own or with support. I can try something new like rock climbing and I might not do well at first, but I can try and it does not have to be perfect.

I can make mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is okay and that is how we learn.

Listen to me. My voice is important and I deserve to be heard. I have a voice too.

Give me the information I need.

It is important I have the right supports to help me understand information. I might need information in Easy Read and someone to read it with me.

It is my life.

I can choose what I do in all areas of my life. It can be anything from what I eat in the morning to what I do on a Saturday night.

Give me the support I need.

Sometimes I need a supporter to understand my needs and help me make decisions like choosing where to live or what job to get.

I can decide.

I have the right to decide like choosing to get married, having children or getting a pet.

Everyone has the right to make decisions.

You can find all these ideas in our document called Making my own decisions. You can find it on our website here.

Learn more at our Supported Decision Making Hub.

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