Thumbnails for the More than Just a Job Workshop Facilitator's Guide and Workbook for people with intellectual disability.

More than Just a Job Workshop Facilitators Guide and Workbook

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More than Just a Job Workshop Facilitator’s Guide and Workbook

March 2024

The More than Just a Job Workshop has been designed to help people with intellectual disability find a good job.

The workshop has eight activities to help a person with intellectual disability understand

  • Why they want a job 
  • Their skills 
  • Their strengths
  • What is important to them in a job 
  • Jobs they want to try 
  • Their dream job  
  • The steps and support needed to get and succeed in their dream job. 

The Facilitator’s Guide (PDF) describes each activity’s purpose and gives detailed instructions for running each activity.

The Workbook (PDF) has blank Easy Read workbook templates and worked examples to be completed by participants.

This workshop also uses the More than Just a Job Conversation Cards.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

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