Your right to the vaccine

September 2022

Your health matters.

This video is about your right to the vaccine.

It is your decision.

It talks about different people who can support you.

It talks about what happens if you can not understand your choices.


Your health matters. It is your decision.

Title: I can make decisions about my health care.

You can make decisions about your health care.

You can get advice from

  • your GP
  • other doctors you see
  • anyone else you trust.

Title: I can make the decision about getting the vaccination.

Yes. You need information so you know about vaccinations. This will help you make a decision.

Title: What the law says.

Some people find it too hard to understand about vaccination. If you can not make these decisions on your own, then the law says who can make the decision.

The law says your doctor can talk to this person. This person has to talk to you too.

This person can give the okay for you to have the vaccination.

Title: My right to a vaccine.

You have the right to get the vaccine unless there is a good medical reason why you can not get it.

You have the right to get the vaccine even if other people do not want you to.

Anyone who helps you make decisions has to put your health first.

Anyone who helps you make decisions has to listen to what the doctor says.

Title: People who can help me.

There are lots of ways to get help.

Information can help you make decisions. Talk to your doctor and support people.

Contact an advocacy service. An advocacy service helps you stand up for your rights. They can talk to you. They will help you sort out any problems about vaccinations.

Title: What happens if me and the people in my life still can not agree?

Sometimes the Guardianship Tribunal has to get involved. They are a group of people who will listen to everyone’s opinions.

The Guardianship Tribunal can make the decision if it is too hard for you.

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