Judith – different, positive, creative

19 May 2018

“I love being different, I’m not the same as anybody else.”

This film is part of our Shared Stories film series.

The films celebrate personal choices in living a good life. Featuring people with disability from all walks of life from right across NSW, each film was a truly collaborative effort between film maker and storyteller.

We hope you enjoy watching these films as much as we do.

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Judith: It’s good to be meself. It’s who I am. Different, positive, creative.  Because I’m social active as well. I just like getting around. I go to my disability groups, go shopping, go to Newtown as well. I like walking around King Street. I like to go out to cafes. Occasionally, I go get a tattoo and a piercing done. I like being myself, walking around there.

I’m a board member now. I just want to be involved with people with disabilities. Be part of it, to speak out and reach out. I just like going there, I just love it. It’s open, it’s friendly. It’s a group where we meet every third Thursday where we can have our say about anything to do with disability.

I just believe we can all have a go at doing things. It doesn’t matter what disability it is, to have a go.

I love self-advocacy as well, just to make us feel more useful. I don’t want to be dependent on. Every person with disabilities has their rights and has their rights, to have an opinion.

I started to speak out first in 1989, on a telephone call. Whole doors were opened at that time. My life changed forever, was much big relieved. I stopped blaming myself, what happened to me, and it’s not my fault anymore.

I’m included. I don’t have to be in the background anymore and you can’t join in and things like that. You can do anything, including work as well. I like to go to work, get out of bed in the morning to get ready, leave, make some money as well.

I love being different. I’m not the same as everybody else.

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