Dear Premier – Everyday for Everyone

November 2022

Our members have a message for the NSW Government: Make Inclusion Happen!

People with intellectual disability want to do everyday things. Right now, that’s not always easy.

We want to government to move leadership on disability into the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. We also ask the Government to make changes in communications, transport and government employment to make them more inclusive for people with intellectual disability.

Everyday for Everyone!


Fiona, outside: Hi, Premier, hi Opposition Leader. What are you guys doing about disability inclusion in NSW?

Ella, at a computer: I have an intellectual disability. I find it easy to read Easy Read. But it’s a bit hard for me to read Government websites.

Kylie, at a computer: I can’t find Easy Read options on most Government websites.

Shannon, outside a train station: I do not understand the signs and the loudspeaker on the trains.

Anthony, at a bus stop: I rely on transport information to get around. The problem is that the timetable apps and the bus timetables are very confusing, and not everyone has access to a smart phone.

Fiona: It is hard to get a job with the Government if you have an intellectual disability.

Kylie, outside and walking her dog: I want to feel valued and included in my community.

Shannon and Quang, outside at a park: We want to be included every day.

Ella, outside in the city: In everyday things.

Anthony, outside at a park: We need our leaders to show that inclusion is important to the Government.

Fiona: Everyday for everyone.

Kylie: Everyday for everyone.

Ella, indoors: Everyday for everyone.

Shannon, outside at a park: Make inclusion happen.

Text on screen: Please sign this petition to the Premier and the Leader of the opposition. We want disability inclusion to be at the centre of government. Make inclusion happen.

This video is a part of our Everyday for Everyone campaign. Sign our petition and make disability inclusion happen!

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